Gate Pillars


Matching PillarsCastStone-Period Home Improvements have a huge range of pillars. There are ranges of traditional pillars and some more contemporary designers to suit the modern market.

With a modular system we are able to design a fence to suit individual needs and taste.

Rosemary with many years of experience is able to assist you in choosing your pillars to complement your home or property.

We have a range of gate pillars that can be used for Entrance Statements. These can be made to look impressive and welcoming for a new development or to a property.

As a result of clients request we are now making a range of Contemporary pillars . Within this range, as with all our designs you are able to mix and match to suit your needs.

Gates  and Gate PillarsPeriod Gate PillarsContemporary Gate Pillarsfence pillars

The sizes of our pillars can vary from 1.2 metres high to 2.45 metres high. The width of the pillars varies also. CastStone-Period Home Improvements offers pillars with widths of 285mm, 300mm, 310mm, 340mm, 400mm and the big one at 500 x 500mm.

The width of the pillars combined with the height offers an immense choice of pillars for the customer to choose to suit their own project.

For more information about our gate pillars click on the link below.

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